Friday, May 22, 2009

Sharing Some Selected Articles....

Below is a list of recently published articles authored by UofT faculty ( students, too?). Most of them are related to East Asian Studies in one way or another; some of them are about Asian immigrants studies. I've added full-text links to each title. However, since they are available in UofT proprietary databases, only current UofT faculty and students will be linked to the full text articles.

Arntzen, S. (2008). Japanese women poets: An anthology. Choice, 45(9), 1534-1535.

Brandt, L., & Rawski, T. G. (2008). China's great economic transformation. The China Business Review, 35(6), 30-33.

Cheng, C., Ames, R. T., Shen, V., et al. (2008). Philosophy of xunzi and antonio S. cua. Journal of Chinese Philosophy, 35(1)

Clarke, D., Colantonio, A., Rhodes, A., & Escobar, M. (2008). Pathways to suicidality across ethnic groups in canadian adults: The possible role of social stress. Psychological Medicine, 38(3), 419-431.

Cohen, N. J., Lojkasek, M., YaghoubZadeh, Z. , Pugliese, M., & Kiefer, H. (2008). Children adopted from china : A prospective study of their growth and development. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines (Print), 49(4), 458-468.

Dann, G. E., & Haddow, N. (2008). Just doing business or doing just business: Google, microsoft, yahoo! and the business of censoring China’s internet. Journal of Business Ethics, 79(3), 219-234.

Dobson, W. (2008). TRANSFORMING EAST ASIA: The evolution of regional economic integration. Pacific Affairs, 81(1), 99-100.

Grendler, P. (2008). Journey to the east: The jesuit mission to china, 1579-1724. Choice, 45(5), 877.

Heyman, G. D., Fu, G., & Lee, K. (2008). Reasoning about the disclosure of success and failure to friends among children in the united states and china. Developmental Psychology, 44(4), 908-918.

Jia, L.X., Schaubroeck, J., & Lam, S. S. K. (2008). Theories of job stress and the role of traditional values : A longitudinal study in china. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(4), 831-848.

Kang, Y., Kenstowicz, M., & Ito, C. (2008). Hybrid loans: A study of english loanwords transmitted to korean via japanese. Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 17(4), 299-316.

Xue, N. (2008). Labeling chinese predicates with semantic roles. Computational Linguistics, 34(2), 225-255.

Ong, L. (2008). A chinese economic revolution: Rural entrepreneurship in the twentieth century. The China Journal, (60), 181-182.

Phan, M. B., & Luk, C. M. (2008). 'I don't say I have a business in chinatown' : Chinese sub-ethnic relations in toronto's chinatown west. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 31(2), 294-326.

Ryder, A. G., Yang, J., Zhu, X., et al. (2008). The cultural shaping of depression : Somatic symptoms in china, psychological symptoms in north america? Journal of Abnormal Psychology (1965), 117(2), 300-313.

Sakamoto, I., Wei, Y., & Truong, L. (2008). How do organizations and social policies ‘Acculturate’ to immigrants? accommodating skilled immigrants in canada. American Journal of Community Psychology, 42(3-4), 343-354.

Shiu, H., & Stokes, L. (2008). Buddhist animal release practices: Historic, environmental, public health and economic concerns. Contemporary Buddhism, 9(2), 181-196.

Song, J. (. (2008). The making of 'undeserving' homeless women : A gendered analysis of homeless policy in south korea from 1997 to 2001. Feminist Review, (89), 87-101.

Stewart, M., Anderson, J., Beiser, M., Mwakarimba, E., Neufeld, A., Simich, L., et al. (2008). Multicultural meanings of social support among immigrants and refugees. International Migration, 46(3), 123-159.

Suzuki, M. (2008). Japanese learners' self revisions and peer revisions of their written compositions in english. TESOL Quarterly, 42(2), 209-232.

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