Monday, June 29, 2009

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Trial of China Data Online Available Now!

China Data Online Free Trial Effective (June 15 -- September 15)!

UofT community has showed great interest in China Data Online (CDO), a database that aggregates Chinese statistics, since Dr. Shuming Bau's lecture in EAL last month. Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library has thus arranged a free trial of this database starting from June 15 (today). The trial will last till September 15, and UofT faculty, students and staff will have full access to CDO which covers:

(1) Monthly Statistics

(2) National Statistics

(3) Provincial Statistics

(4) City Statistics

(5) County Statistics

(6) Monthly Industrial Data

(7) Monthly Industrial Data 1999-2002

(8) Yearly Industrial Data

(9) Yearly Industrial Data 1999-2002

(10) Statistics on Map

(11) Provincial Yearbook (2002-)

(12) Provincial Yearbook (-2001)

(13) City Yearbook

(14) National Yearbook

(15) Economic census 2004

(16) Industrial census 1995

(17) Census 1982

(18) Census 1982(10%)

(19) Census 1990

(20) Census 1995(1%)

(21) Province Census 2000

(22) County Census 2000

(23) Census 2005(1%)

(24) Advanced Census Data search

Faculty and students can access the database by searching 'China Data Online' under the E-resources tab in UTL home .

Since UTL hasn't yet purchased this resource, your comments and feedbacks about your CDO experience will be crucial inputs for the library's decision-making in future. Please direct your feedbacks and questions regarding CDO to Lucy Gan by email ( ) or by phone ( 416-978-1025 ).

Daoist Studies

Daoist Studies is the website of the Daoist Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). It collects resources devoted to Daoism. In particular, its Bibliography section proves a great starting point for scholars and students doing related research.

The Chinese Collection of London Missionary Society Available Online Now!

Just want to relay a post by Ryan Dunch of University of Alberta in FOREASt.

A special collection of over 500 books collected by LMS (London Missionary Society) missionaries in China during the late Qing period has been digitized and made available online.

Most of these books are printed monographs including "Christian tracts and mission publications on scientific topics", as well as non-mission books, manuscript items, Taiping editions, and Japanese editions of missionary publication in Chinese.

The collection can be accessed through the National Library of Austrialia catalog at[]=pi%3Anla.gen*&lookfor=London+Missionary+Society&type=all .

Friday, June 12, 2009

FOREASt: an online directory to free Internet resources for East Asian Studies

FOREASt ( is a directory to free Online Resources for East Asian Studies. Compiled by Yang Tao, East Asian librarian at Rutgers University, it aims to facilitate access and utilization of open access online databases as well as e-journals on East Asia-related topics. It's a very useful online reference tool for scholars and students researching on East Asian topics.

EAL is now Twittering!

Visit and follow the EAL Twitter home @

Through Twitter, we can share information with you timely and conveniently.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June's New Arrival List Available Now!

The Chinese New Arrivals List for June is now available through the EAL website. Books included in the list are available in the library. Check out details by clicking the link below.

EAL Chinese New Arrivals