Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Trial for Japan Knowledge+NR (August 1 to 31, 2009)

We currently have a subscription to Japan Knowledge Classic that includes valuable sources such as Nihon Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, Daihyakka Zensho (Encyclopedia Nipponica), Nihon Jinmei Daijiten, among others.

Japan Knowledge Plus, the new version of Japan Knowledge, will have additional features such as Nihon Kokugo Daijiten 日本国語大辞典 (Nikkoku Online ; standard Japanese language dictionary with over 500.000 entries), as well as Rekishi Chimei Taikei (historical place name dictionary with 200.000 entries) The trial period expires on August 31, 2009 and it can be accessible on-campus at:

It would be extremely helpful if you could give us some feedback on this database. Let us know which resources you find most useful. Please feel free to contact Fabiano Takashi Rocha, Japan Studies Librarian by either phone: 416-978-2300 or by email: with your comments, or if you need any assistance with using the database.

Enjoy the free trial!!

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