Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010-2011 EAL Film Lecture Series

Starting from the 2010 fall semester, the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library will launch a six-part Film Lecture Series, inviting acclaimed Asian Canadian directors/producers to share their filmmaking experience, especially from the perspective of being Asian Canadians in the multicultural landscape of Canada.

In each of the lectures, films will be screened starting from 2:30pm on the selected Wednesday afternoons. All lectures are free and open to all.

Lecture Schedule:

  1. 2:30-5:00pm, Nov. 3, 2010
    Speaker: Dr. Tony Chan, on two of his documentary films,
    Chinese Cafes in Rural Saskatchewan and American Nurse.

  2. 2:30-5:00pm, Nov. 24, 2010
    Speaker: Brenda Joy Lem, on her films,
    The Compact and Open Letter.

  3. 2:30-5:00pm, Dec. 1, 2010
    Speaker: Richard Fung, TBD

  4. 2:30-5:00pm, Jan. 19, 2011
    Speaker: Keith Lock, on his 2009 new film,
    The Ache.

  5. 2:30-5:00pm, Feb. 14, 2011
    Speaker: Diana Dai, on
    China's Earthquake: The People in the Pictures, an award-winning documentary film she produced and directed in 2009.

  6. 2:30-5:00pm, Mar. 2, 2011
    Speaker: Irene Chu, on one episode from the 20-part drama series,
    Once Upon a Time in Toronto.

The lectures are free and open to all. But registration is required due to a limited number of seats available. EAL is now accepting registrations for Dr. Chan's lecture. Please RSVP to Lucy Gan by email (lucy.gan@utoronto.ca ) or by phone (416978-1025).

EAL is now accepting registration for the first lecture in the series: Dr. Tony Chan is going to talk about his two films on November 3.
For information about this lecture, check the the link at https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0QyP8yesA5-NzBmZDQ0MjQtNDY2Yy00YjRiLWI2Y2UtOTA5YzkxNWVmZGQw&hl=en

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