Friday, June 18, 2010

EDUROAM: A New Service for UofT Faculty, Staff and Students

UofT has recently launched a new service, Eduroam (Education Roaming), which allows faculty, staff and students to use their UofT wireless login credentials to use wireless networks when they are visiting other participating universities (a list for Canadian universities, and some background information about Eduroam).

Technical support for eduroam will be provided by one's home institution. For UofT faculty, staff or students to visit another participating institution, they should contact the Information Commons Help Desk (, 416-978-4357)for technical support to configure their laptop BEFORE they go to another university.

Visitors from other participating universities should be able to use their own credentials to login to the wireless when at UofT libraries. Visitors to UofT should contact their home institution's IT support for assistance.

UofT faculty, staff and students can consult the Information Commons Help Desk for any questions about Eduroam.

Some UofT information pages about Eduroam:

UTL Computers & accessing eResources:

Gerstein's "All services" page:

Gerstein's Services to faculty page:

eduroam @ UofT:

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