Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Directory of Open Access Repositories

The East Asian Library wants to call your attention to the Directory of Open Access Repositories, or OpenDOAR, an authoritative online directory of academic open access repositories.

An institutional digital repository helps to capture, manage, preserve and disseminate the intellectual output created by community members of the host institution. The T-Space, for example, is the multidisciplinary digital repository of the University of Toronto, which "showcases and preserves the scholarly work of U of T faculty". In recent years, as universities and research institutions worldwide invest great efforts in pulling their scholarly works into digital repositories, insititutional/university repositories are quickly arising as an important new model of scholarly communication.

OpenDOAR is a portal of "an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories". It has browse and search functions that allow users to quickly identify specific repositories.

In addition, its 'Search Repository Contents' option makes available a federated search tool by which users can conduct keyword searches at the document level across different repositories.

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