Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beking University Library Launches Tsung Dao Lee Digital Library (李政道数字图书馆)

Beiking University Library is in the process of digitizing the works by Prof. Li Zhengdao (also known as Prof. Tsung Dao Lee, 李政道), one of the two Nobel prize winners in physics in 1957.

The project is aimed at digitizing all the works by Prof. Li and making them available online in the Tsung Dao Lee Digital Library (李政道数字图书馆). While still under construction, the digital library already includes considerable information by or about Prof. Li and is now open to the pulic. Below is a list of contents already available, and the library's contents will be further extended in future to include more photoes and articles of Prof. Li:

1 Selected Papers Vol.1,844页
2 Selected Papers Vol.2,589页
3 Selected Papers Vol.3,597页
4 Selected Papers Vol.4,848页 
5 李政道科学论文选(上册),1169页
6 李政道科学论文选(下册),1208页
7 粒子物理和场论,691页
8 Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory,879页
9 统计力学,202页
10 对称,不对称和粒子世界,91页
11 Symmetries, Asymmetries, and the world of Particles,90页
12 李政道文录,233页13 李政道文选(科学和人文),432页
14 物理的挑战,68页
15 科学与艺术,161页
16 李政道随笔画选,255页
17 Thirty Years Since Parity Nonconservation,197页
18 宇称不守恒发现之争论解谜(简体版),271页
19 宇称不守恒发现之争论解谜(繁体版),286页
20 宇称不守恒思想突破的产生,273页

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