Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Elder John Lai's Archives -- 賴永祥長老史料庫

Elder John Lai's Archives (http://www.laijohn.com/Index.htm) is dedicated to the study of the history of Christianity in Taiwan with special emphasis attached to the Presbysterian Church. The resource is of significant research value for the study of early history of Christianity in Taiwan.

Currently, the Archives consist of three parts:
  • the full text of Prof. John Lai’s “Kau-hoe-su-oe” 《教會史話》, a collection of articles on the history of Christianity in Taiwan;
  • scrapbook files compiled by Prof. Lai, which are valuable primary sources used for his writings; and
  • Prof. Lai’s personal bio and family history.

To facilitate user access, the website makes available a search engine at http://www.laijohn.com/contents.htm

Also, the letter of Martha Smalley, a Yale faculty member, helps to shed some light on the background of Prof. Lai's archives project.

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